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Liked on YouTube: Episode 27 Maybe an Episode About I’m Sailing Away

Episode 27 Maybe an Episode About I’m Sailing Away
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The time has come! Hannibal and Monty’s least favorite time of the month, and the 5H1Theads favorite! It’s the 5H1T Show Torture Episode! This week we are checking out the bad cover songs that you sent in from across the internet. We are ready to talk some 5H1T about them after we watch them on the show. Because you awesome 5H1THeads met the stream goal we will later this week be giving you what you earned. Monty will livestream himself drawing himself as Kim Kardassian (did I spell that right? Fuck it there’s not squiggly line) get ready to talk some 5H1T!

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Liked on YouTube: #ThisWeekInBS Platforming Extremism…Neuroscience, Learning, and Media

#ThisWeekInBS Platforming Extremism…Neuroscience, Learning, and Media
This week Brief Brain facts returns to discuss neuroscience, learning, media and platforming extremism. What does science and research say about harmful ideologies and giving them a platform?

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Liked on YouTube: The Abled Disabled with Aerin’s Chair!!

The Abled Disabled with Aerin’s Chair!!
Join us as we talk about being disabled within this community & what that has been like!! Should be an amazing talk with Aerin on!! Be sure to subscribe & follow her, info is below…

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Learn more about fetal tissue in vaccines:
Learn about the new possible endometriosis treatment:
Learn about hemiplegic migraines:

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Liked on YouTube: You Didn’t Listen (Dogwhistles)

You Didn’t Listen (Dogwhistles)
This is a video about how leftists have been talking about these dogwhistles for years and people didn’t take it seriously.

ContraPoints’ video:
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